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Centric Communications Leadership

Centric Communications has one of the most experienced leadership teams in service today. When you want to make sure your project is handled in the best possible way, you can depend on the Centric Communications team...committed and experienced.

David Craig, Chief Executive Officer

I am extremely proud of Centric Communications and the team of professionals we have brought to the service of our clients.

My philosophy...our philosophy of finding customers and building relationships for our clients’ businesses has become an integral part of every employee’s performance, every department’s mission, every service and every product we provide.

Given today’s competitive economy, promoting your business and building strong customer relationships are more important than ever. We at Centric Communications believe that direct one-to-one communication is the most effective and efficient way to tap into your potential markets. With over 50 years of strategic marketing, analytics and communications experience, we offer knowledgeable marketing solutions along with innovative and individualized programs to meet our clients’ needs. And of course, all of our services are complemented by the highest level of customer service from our professional staff of industry leaders.

Every day, we deliver qualified prospects for our clients. And every day, we exceed our clients’ goals and expectations. By giving us the opportunity to enhance your profit potential and exceed your expectations, you’ll take important steps towards building relationships with your customers well into the future.

As your direct marketing and communications partner, we can make a significant difference in keeping your customers satisfied. And when your customers are satisfied, they tend to remain loyal customers for years to come. We look forward to working with you to grow your business.

Stephen Foster, General Manager

Centric Communications is an extremely complex organization and requires an equally complex senior manager such as Steven Foster.

Centric Communications’ services range from labor intensive warehouse/inventory, fulfillment and lettershop tasks to the extremely complicated, technology-heavy data processing projects for direct mail, data hygiene, variable data marketing campaigns and all forms of commercial printing. This eclectic mix of services, employee skill levels, hardware and software also requires an equally complex administrative and financial structure to maintain an organized and functioning managerial component. This component requires an extraordinary expertise to direct and guide the day-to-day operations while considering improvements and growth opportunities for the future.

Stephen Foster, Centric Communications’ General Manager, has spent 30 years in the field developing the expertise, management techniques, strategies and skills necessary to keep a company, such as Centric Communications, coursed on a true-north path to success and expansion.

Stephen’s experience with Centric Communications spans over 15 years. During this time, Stephen has learned the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of each and every department, technology and process offered by the company to a wide range of retail, financial, educational, nonprofit and B2B business clients.. It is this knowledge, experience and commitment that prompted the Board Of Directors to appoint Stephen General Manager two years ago.

Since his appointment, Stephen has helped to guide the company into new areas of personalized fulfillment projects; expand into the exciting opportunities presented by 4-color digital-laser printing and increase the variable data capacity for financial and other personalized mailings.

Mark Barker, Operations Manager

A company, such as Centric Communications, that has so many services, advanced technologies, types of equipment and individuals with varying experience and skill levels, takes a special management partner to bring it all together. Someone that can inspire the workforce to perform as a coordinated, productive, results producing team. Someone that keeps the equipment in operation and plans for the future seeking the latest in technologies and equipment. Mark is that person that maks it all happen at Centric Communications.

Mark began his career with Centric Communications over 20 years ago. Starting as a pressroom assistant and advancing on to become senior pressman/operator, Mark learned all the strategies and techniques necessary to grow, operate and maintain a successful print operation. As senior operator and eventual pressroom manager, Mark became involved with all aspects of the Centric Communications business model. Working with the programmers and operators in DP, lettershop, inkjet, print finishing and specialized print production vendor/partners has afforded Mark a management expertise in all areas of the Centric Communications operation.

In 2011, Mark was promoted to Operations Manager and currently oversees all areas of the production side of Centric Communications.

Rob Fentner, Vice President Presort Services/Sales

As one of Eastern-Virginia’s largest providers of presort services, fulfillment and direct mail, Centric Communications must have highly skilled leadership with the hands-on experience necessary for designing and implementing successful systems and procedures. Rob Fentner is such a leader.

Rob began his career with Centric Communications over 20 years ago. During these 20 years, Rob has proven his leadership and planning skills over and over again. Working his way from Presort Supervisor and Manager to Operations Manager and then to GM Of Offsite Presort Services (Sales and Ops), Rob proved his worth as a valued member of the leadership team. As Centric Communications consolidated its operations into one complete service facility Rob was promoted yet again to Vice President of Presort Services and Sales. Since his promotion, Rob has participated on MTAC Advisory Committees and served on the Board of Directors for OTSL.

At present, Rob is working diligently to ensure the smooth transition of the current Centric Communications postal systems to the new USPS programs coming online in 2014. This is an extraordinarily complex process requiring a very heavy Centric Communications investment in new hardware and software. Rob’s leadership during the transition will allow Centric Communications to provide clients with the best postal discounts available while continuing to provide the fastest possible schedule of mail from production to presort to post office drop off.

Jessica Sacks, Account Manager/Print Specialist

Jessica has been working with clients from all areas of the business community to create and produce quality collateral and direct mail for almost 20 years. She is an important and valued member of the account management, creative and service team at Centric Communications.

In addition, Jessica has helped many nonprofit organizations realize the goal of high-quality, results-producing mailers, campaigns and communications using the typically lower budgets afforded to nonprofits to the best use possible.

Jessica’s extensive experience in print, management, fulfillment and procurement has helped her to gain an invaluable knowledge in all aspects of direct marketing...from creative/design and print to fulfillment and mailing; Jessica has the experience and dedication to help virtually any business or non-profit organization large or small realize the success desired for their direct marketing projects and campaigns.

Steve Hainer, Account Manager

Each and every client and client project at Centric Communications deserves the very best in management and attention to detail. Steve Hainer has over 25 years of experience and knows the importance of the details. As an account manager, he works very hard to ensure the successful completion of all client work assigned to his capable hands.

In addition to an attention to detail, Steve brings a specialized knowledge in mailing list processing, envelope production/printing and all phases of offset printing as well an expertise in paper specification . Steve’s skill-set can make the difference between a good print job and an excellent print job.

Management skills, list processing, print, envelope and paper expertise and a fine eye for detail makes Steve another one of the valuable members of the Centric Communications account management team.

Don Horst, Project Production Manager

A common thread throughout all of the Centric Communications leadership team narratives is experience. This is an asset that Centric Communications has in abundance. When you talk to Centric Communications, you hear the voice of experience in return. Don Horst, quite simply, is one of the more experienced managers in the organization.

Don has over 33 years of experience and skill building in all facets of the direct mail industry. There is virtually no area of direct mail that Don has not overseen and/or managed. He is skilled in production management and planning, comprehensive logistics management and has provided great insight into employee relations and training.

Centric Communications is currently managing an extraordinarily large fulfillment program that includes aspects of personalization, customized packages, variable printing and specialized mailing formats. His experience is helping to instruct employees and to guide the ongoing programs to successful printing, data processing, fulfillment and mailing results.

Michael T. Williams, Direct Marketing Consultant

With over 35 years of direct marketing experience via ad agency account service, partnership and ownership, Mike brings a vast amount of creative and production experience to the Centric Communications Leadership team.

With experience creating complete marketing campaigns, sweepstakes, collateral, logos, direct mail and more, Mike brings to every client large or small experience that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Whether he is creating a sweepstakes for Goodyear, a salesperson contest for Reebok or a mailer for a small retail business, Mike brings the heart and soul of a creative mind to the table. Centric Communications’ clients can rely on receiving the same creative attention no matter their size or needs. Mike’s motto (taken from David Ogilvy) of: “It’s not creative unless it sells,” speaks to his belief that the client and the client’s goals always come first, not the pursuit of awards or recognition.

Mike Wood, Manager, Information Technologies

In today’s business world, many call themselves IT specialists and/or managers. Many do not have the credentials and experience necessary to truly claim the respected title of Manager of Information Technologies. Mike Wood is an exception to the norm in that he very much deserves the recognition and respect he receives as Centric Communications’ IT Manager.

Centric Communications is a company which very much depends on accurate data, speed, security and advanced data processing technologies and must have a proven expert in the science to maintain the complex networks between departments and every process. Mike is that person at Centric Communications.

After earning his B.S. degree, Mike began his career in the U.S. Military and served four years with the Naval Computing and Telecommunications Area Master Station Atlantic Fleet. Since then, Mike has 20 years of experience in the IT field and is very experienced in computer technology, mapping (Centric Communications provides extraordinary customer focused marketing informational maps), networking, database management and maintenance, computer hardware and CAD Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

In his 10 years with Centric Communications, Mike has grown to become a gifted, committed and responsible IT manager and team member.

Debbie Davis, DP Programming Manager

At the heart of virtually all direct mail programs is the data. At Centric Communications, data encompasses everything from saturation to specialized consumer mailing and emailing lists, securing the best possible postal rates, programming data for personalized marketing, financial communications and much more. Centric Communications and its clients are fortunate to have a DP Programming Manager with the experience and skills brought to the project table by Debbie Davis.

Debbie began her career at Centric Communications 17 years ago researching and procuring specialized mailing lists. She rapidly advanced to DP Administrative Coordinator then to Junior Programmer and eventually Senior Lead Programmer. Soon Debbie’s expertise, programming skills and her ability to engineer specialized programs created to increase response, postal efficiency and results brought her to her current position as Centric Communications’ DP Programming Manager.